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Essentially if you look at a tank it has everything that a vehicle has got and then a lot more. I will talk about the battle tank; ground upwards, something like if you were to  talk about a car tyres upwards. First and foremost what is in touch with the ground is what we call the running gear which is consisting of the tracks and the bogie wheels which ensure that the tank is able to move. The running gear is getting its drive from a sprocket…. Read more

Let us examine the possibility of having an electric Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV).

Electric components have always been a challenge in the design of  AFVs. For example In the case of tanks a large number of services which are utilised need electrical power. A tank uses electricity for radio and intercommunication, for the wipers, for the various types of night vision devices, for the computer systems, for  the automotive auxiliaries like the various types of pumps, the gauges, the navigation equipment, lighting systems, ventilation systems, gun control system and the fire control system…. Read More

As an automobile engineer all things related to motorized vehicles are of interest to me. What I find especially fascinating at the present juncture is the way the auto industry is changing and transforming.Here in India the sector is passing through a rough time where the demand for has dropped and all companies are passing through a trying time. Even if you look at the larger picture around the world you find a similar drop in demand in many other markets. It seems that the car industry the world over is going through a churn of sorts. So what is really happening?…. Read more

The answer to that is ‘it depends’. Just like any other decision, this decision will also factor the concerns you have and what reality is. To begin the most important criteria normally would be the range an electric car is able to give. Why? Because this will be an EV and while an internal combustion car can be refueled within minutes, the fuel of an EV, that is the charge in the battery, takes a prolonged time to fill. Even fast chargers typically take about an hour to charge the battery of an electric car. So if you compare just on this one issue the internal combustion engine wins because of it’s sheer convenience of refuelling. So the range an EV gives between charges is a major factor to be consideredRead more

EV Virtuous Loop

The The drive to create more charging stations is encouraging for present and future electric car user. The ease of availability of electricity everywhere, as opposed to the logistics needed for transporting and storing fuel is a clear winner. If electric cars become more popular then charging stations in diverse locations may become common place. Increased EV acceptability leading to more EVs being produced and sold leading to more charging points which give further increased EV acceptability is a virtuous loop. A virtuous loop which is likely to strengthen. It is interesting to watch this change as it unfolds.

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